Nose work is scent detection for pet dogs.  It taps into the dog's phenomenal ability to recognize odors and intrinsic desire to hunt.  Dogs love it from the start and quickly become addicted.  Dogs of all sizes, shapes and colors enjoy the game.  Young puppies expend some of that youthful energy.  Senior dogs and other dogs with physical limitations can play the nose work game as it is a low impact activity.  Any breed ranging from Chihuahuas to Great Danes love this game because it is based on an instinct common to all dogs - hunting.  Nose work is a fun new dog sport rapidly sweeping the nation.  The National Association of Canine Scent Work originated the sport in California in 2006 but other dog registries have since joined the fun.  Wag It has Sniff It games.  The Dog Scouts of America offer tests and the United Kennel Club began in 2013.  But you don't have to want to compete to join the fun.   The sport requires little space or equipment and owners need not be athletes to teach their dogs.  Most important is that both people and dogs find nose work FUN!  To find someone in your area teaching classes, go to the NACSW, Wag It Games or UKC web pages

The following video is a great introduction to nose work by Common Scents - Canine Headquarters in Texas:

Special thanks to trainers and dogs in the video -  Rex with Skye and Kara with Rev!

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