Before coming to class, here is some information which should be useful for new students to help you and your dog have the best time possible.

English setter dog doing scent detection nose work vehicle search

Vehicle search


1.  wide flat buckle collar or a harness with a ring on the back (if your dog is reactive to other dogs, please tie a red scarf on his/her neck)

2.  water and water bowl  (this is hard work for the dog and wet noses sniff better)

3  lots of wonderful, irresistible, soft, smelly cup,pea sized, several varieties  (Bring a couple of options in case the first thing you try doesn’t work.  The best treats are most often some sort of ‘human’ food.  Liverwurst, tuna brownies and scrapple work well.)

4. a can of tuna, sardines or salmon should be kept in your vehicle in case all other treats fail

4.  a light weight 6-foot leather or nylon leash -  no retractable leashes or chains -  no tags, poop bags etc. should be hanging off the leash...try to keep at least 8 feet between dogs, they should not interact with other dogs 

6. bring a favorite toy if your dog is really toy crazy

7.  a motivated dog - don’t exercise your dog heavily before class or feed unless you offer a light meal several hours before



1.  Your dog will not be in the search area except when it is your turn. Some way to confine your dog is essential. The best option if your dog cannot be quiet in a crate is to keep your dog in the car.  .In hot weather you need to be able to have open windows, fans, etc. to keep your dog from overheating.   Owners are encouraged to sit and watch the other dogs work but dogs cannot sit on their owners laps while other dogs work as this would interfere with the working dog.  We will be building your dog's anticipation to play this game by making him/her wait.

2. If you’re late,  please just come in without your dog as quietly as you can. If you can see a dog working, wait until they are finished and his/her leash is on.

3.  No obedience commands are allowed.  We will be teaching your dog to be obedient to odor, not to you.

4. When your turn comes, make sure the dog you are following is leashed and under control.

5.  Expect your dog to have a lot of fun!
canine nose work container search
Container search
canine nose work interior search
canine nose work exterior search

Interior search

 Exterior  search

Space Etiquette For Dogs
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