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warning on birch oil toxicity

UKC  NW Level 1 elements video

Videos on air flow and scent

web games to improve timing

Great articles on this new sport

Doggie Detectives

Fun read on why we all love to search

Nova - the science of a dog's nose

Dogs may adjust their sniff

How wind affects scent from a working SAR team

Dog body language

Tons of informative articles on dogs and learning

Penn Vet School SAR dog training

NJSAR where Bob Bailey presented

Roger Abrantes scent detection:  find vs clear

Canine Conservation Corps

Mine Detection Dogs

Air Force Dogs

European table nose work training

PLUS, there are tons of blogs from people doing nose work with their dogs!  Here are a few:
and a podcast:

Pleasure, seeking and dopamine:

K9 First Aid Kit

Lyme's Disease in dogs

Pet food/treat recalls


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